Recoveryspace is your point of care software for patients, nurses, and caregivers.

Recoveryspace reduces the negative isolated effects of long-term stay patients by creating a digital teether to friends, family, and loved ones.

Custom designed

Recoveryspace, tailored for medical professionals and patients.

Monitoring performed by professionals, caregivers, loved ones, and the patient. Our simple digital recovery diary can be shared with friends and family easily.

Doctors and nurses

Doctors and nurses can efficiently publish eventful updates with the greatest detail.

Professional caregivers

Caregivers provide updates to promote a space of transparency and openness.

Family, friends, and loved ones

Loved ones can volunteer and give consistent updates to the entire support circle.

Step by step

How does Recoveryspace work?

Recoveryspace is designed to be quick to setup and easy to use. No need to download apps or give us personal information.

Register patient in recovery.

Log activities during the day.

Review and share details with anyone the patient trusts.

Tracking and reporting

Use Recoveryspace to track common activities.

Why did we build Recoveryspace?

“Because we care. We want our loved ones in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, therapy or at home to recover as quickly as possible. The first step to being involved with patients is by having access to the information. Tuning in and taking part of this journey with them, we hope it can improve the chances of a speedy recovery.” read more...

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