Healthcare needs to change.

Purpose and missionWhy did we build Recoveryspace?

Healthcare providers face significant external and internal pressures which impact their decisions on investments to improve patient experience. External pressures include a growing elderly patient base, a changed funding regime, and new patient expectations (resembling user customisation of shared-economy platforms). Internal pressures include increasingly sophisticated treatments and devices, significant pressure on staff resources, and the need to increase productivity and reduce time spent performing administrative tasks.

Healthcare providers in Australia will have an opportunity to evolve and become as patient-obsessed as commercial businesses have become customer-obsessed. In caring for and engaging patients, healthcare providers build ecosystems and leverage tools that are similar to those of B2C enterprises. Healthcare providers will increasingly find value in using patient engagement platforms in addition to case and task management. This will drive significant improvements in both patient and frontline health practitioner experience.

Improving patient experience and staff productivity must be the dual goals of any healthcare provider today. The future of healthcare will be based on service excellence with digital first and personalisation keys to enrich patient experiences, to drive value creation, and to realise competitive advantage. Consumer expectations have risen to expect personalised, collaborative, and connected experiences. This coupled with an ageing population and a more informed consumer base will place pressure on the pricing, options, and accessibility of healthcare providers.

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